Final Report - project LIFE Green TIC

Final report of the LIFE Green TIC project, English version to the European Commission with a very similar content to the final publication also available for download in this section.
Informe final del proyecto LIFE Green TIC, versión en inglés presentada a la Comisión Europea y cuyo contenido es muy similar al de la publicación final que se puede descargar en este mismo apartado.


Final Publication - report of the LIFE Green TIC Project

This publication is the Final Report of the LIFE Green TIC Project.

It provides a description of the activities implemented from September 2013 to August 2016, the objectives reached, and the impact of the actions (mainly in terms of savings of CO2 emissions).
The publication also includes information about the products developed by the Project and available at the website (best environmental practices Guide for IT users; Green Procurement Manual for IT equipment; socio-economic impact assessment of Green IT....).

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